Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Unread post by DuoMaxwell » July 26th, 2012, 1:27 am

Ok, so I went to see this one yesterday, and while I will say as a piece of visceral, pure entertainment it is AWESOME, as well as a superhero movie it defiantly does allot better then most. Bane as the villain is absolutely epic and they couldn't have picked a better guy then Tom Hardy to play him, he commands the room every time he speaks.

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/CatWoman is awesome as well as she was actually believable as a character instead of the overly hoaky versions of these characters in previous Batman movies.

However there are quite a few problems that cause it to not be as good as the previous Nolan Batman movies or the Avengers movie. So what might those problems be? Well theres the massive plot holes...

Take the robbery scene, Bane's men say that their program will take 8 mins to finish and it's around noon as the stock brokers are ordering lunch at the beginning of the scene, yet 3 mins later during the chase from the bank, when they keep cutting back to the computer counting down the mins till it completes it's task it suddenly becomes past 10PM level dark with something like 5 mins left for it to finish.

Then theres the scene where Blake shows up at Wayne's house asking for him to bring back the Batman as if he'd been asked by Commissioner Gordon to do so, yet at the end of the movie it is revealed that Gordon didn't know who Batman was.
Then there was the problem of the really forced love scenes:
Like how Miranda has just met Wayne for the 3rd time ever and is already to jump his boner. Which would only be redeemable if she had revealed herself to be Raz Ah Guul's(the guy that trained Bruce Wayne so he could be batman then tried to kill him in then fought him and lost then died) daughter right then and there and took the chance to capture Bruce right then and there. Furthermore she says that she and Bane where trained by her father yet the most she does id drive a trick and stabs Batman with a knife then talk allot about her father and her revenge plan while he does absolutely nothing.
The political overtones that insult everyone's intelligence...
So Nolan who directed and co-wrote the script has taken a page out of Hobbes's Leviathan... You have very strict social casts and nobody outside of those castes communicates with those of other social castes unless it's only to move the plot along, the rich only ever concern themselves with the rich, the poor are left to die in the gutter up till Bane take over the city and Gotham becomes a hyper stereotypical Stalinist commune with kangaroo courts and Libertarianism abound. We get it Nolan, you are a rich guy and you hate the poor, the people should be ruled by an elite class that is so right and powerful that they are more then human.
So to those that have seen the movie what do you think?
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Re: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Unread post by Wyatt » July 26th, 2012, 6:17 pm

I haven't seen the movie yet but as soon as I do.. I'll read those spoiler tags. xD
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