July 2011 Update 1

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July 2011 Update 1

Unread post by Wyatt » July 16th, 2011, 3:29 pm

phpBB3 and Joomla
New: Cross-Site log-in. Now it will be possible to log-in to all parts of the site with your same forum account details regardless of which forum board you use.
New: Because of our new sub-domain tool launch, now new accounts with be synced through the entire site.
Enabled: Now you can register through our Portal.
Disabled: Disabled registration for the phpBB3 forum boards. Now if you want to register, you must do it through the main part of the site at http://www.thedarklegion.org

New Sub-Domain:

New domain has been launched because of our new tool for the Regnum Online and Realms Online Community. You can now go to http://www.thedarklegion.org/phpbb and request a forum(Please read this topic first before doing so: phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=112&p=27440#p27440) then you can go and request a forum for your respective clan regardless of realm affiliation or server.
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