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Suggestion Forum Rules(Read before posting)

Unread post by Wyatt » September 27th, 2008, 5:56 am

Hi all,

to keep the overview here, it is recommended to keep the following rules in your mind:
  • Choose an informative title for your new topic. Don't use titles like "read this" or "cool idea". A short description of the content would be very helpful.
  • If you answered to a topic stay objective. Don't say, the suggestion is kinda crap. We want to have some brainstorming and such behavior would kill new ideas before they are posted here.
  • Suggestions for special events still have to be posted into the forum "Events"
  • If there is an idea we basically don't want to implement for a special reason, we will tell you in the post. Please don't open a new topic for this.
  • All posts must stay on topic, posts that are off-topic will be deleted with or without notice.
[*] Any post regarding feedback from features on the site or features in public testing must be done in Features Feedback Forum section. Remember to read the rules stated there.

And now it's your turn to tell us, what we should implement in our official new webpage "" or to the existing parts like our Forum, etc.

Have fun and thank you for your ideas.
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